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G-banded karyotype


G-banded karyotype: this test looks at all 46 chromosomes of the baby. It excludes any numerical abnormalities and major structural abnormalities, such as translocations, inversions or large deletions. It will also detect any abnormalities in mosaic form. This result is usually available in 14-18 days.



Female karyotype with an apparently balanced reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 7 and 17, t(7;17). On this particular occasion, the translocation had been inherited from the mother.


Who is this test recommended for?

We strongly recommend prenatal screening for women over the age of 35, anyone who has had a biochemical test with an elevated risk, or a high nuchal translucency. A biochemical or integrated test (Pappa-A, triple test, integrated test, nuchal screening etc.) offers you an estimated risk, but it cannot offer you the certainty of a chromosomally health baby. Only a prenatal test can do this.


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