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Superscreen extra ™– “120 syndromes

Superscreen extra ™– “120 syndromes”. Using a method known as array-CGH, we create the baby’s molecular karyotype by screening the entire genome at a resolution that is 50-100 times higher than the G-banded karyotype.

This screen includes key areas of the genome that are associated with 120 microdeletion and microduplication syndromes, all associated with an abnormal phenotype. This is the most up-to-date and thorough prenatal test currently available and detects abnormalities that are not visible by the conventional karyotyping techniques.


The result is usually available within 18 days of receiving the sample.

To whom is this test recommended?

We strongly recommend this test in the situation where your obstetrician has seen abnormalities on the ultrasound screen and the conventional karyotype is normal. We also recommend it to any patient who wants extra peace of mind for the health of their baby.



CGH array and molecular karyotype (BlueGnome, Cambridge, UK) 

How much does this test cost?

The current cost of this test is around €1000-1200. It is also available as a package together with the G-banded karyotype and QF-PCR rapid aneuploidy screening.

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